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Honest Chocolate is a small artisanal chocolate company based in Cape Town, South Africa.
All our chocolate is handcrafted in small batches using traditional, old school chocolate making methods, including hand tempering the chocolate on a granite slab table top.
The slabs are then individually wrapped using eco-friendly paper.
We use organic cacao which is ethically sourced from Ecuador for the slabs.
There are also no preservatives, additives or emulsifiers in our chocolate and it is free of diary and processed sugar (instead of sugar we use agave Nectar which has a very low GI).
This is pure, simple chocolate. floral notes of jasmine come through from the single origin Arriba Nacional cacao bean from Ecuador. Each wrapper is illustrated by a different South African artist.
We believe in keeping things hand-crafted, using quality organically produced ingredients and making a pure chocolate that has a deliciously distinct feel and taste.

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Chocolate Slab Flavour

72% + Kalahari Sea Salt (60g), 72% + Mint (60g), 72% + Cacao Nibs (60g), 88% (60g), 72% + Maca (60g), 72% + Cracked Coffee (60g), 72% + Bittersweet Orange (60g), 72% + Grains of Paradise (60g)