Tips & Tricks

Coffee Sachets
No mess, no fuss

Coffee Amounts:

1 Sachet = 1 Cup of coffee
To be used in Cup, Coffee Pot
  • Fill kettle with purified water and boil.
  • Measure out number of sachets and place in cup/coffee pot
  • Pour water into cup/coffee pot, then swirl the sachet/s for 5-10 seconds.
  • Let the sachet/s brew for 3-4 minutes whilst occasionally stirring
  • After 4 minutes, remove the sachet/s 
  • Pour and enjoy!
Sachet/s can be placed in your compost bin as they are bio-degradable.

1 Sachet = 1 Cup Of Coffee

Tips & Tricks

French Press

If you have any extra coffee in the French Press after filling your cup, pour it into a carafe of your choice to stop the brewing process at 4 minutes.
 Leftover grounds can be placed in your compost bin.
  • Fill kettle with purified water and boil.
  • Measure out coffee, grind using a coarse setting, and place in the French Press
  • Pour up to 800 grams of water into the French Press (about half way), then swirl the beans for 5-10 seconds. 
  • Pour water to the bottom rim of the metal line (around 1500 grams of water). Then place the top of the French Press on the bottom vessel, but do not press down. Let the beans brew for 3 minutes.
  • At the 3 minute mark, press the plunger down about an one inch to break the top layer of coffee and bring the plunger back up to the top. 
  • At the 4 minute mark, slowly push the plunger down to the base (there should be very little resistance).
  • Pour and enjoy!

12 cup press = 80 grams of coffee


8 cup press = 50 grams of coffee


4 cup press = 30 grams of coffee

Tips & Tricks

Drip Filter

  • Measure out desired amount of water and add to your machine.  Place your filter in the machine.
  • Based on the amount of water you use, weigh out your coffee. We recommend 2 grams of coffee per ounce of finished product. Coffee pots are typically measured in 5oz cups, so for an 8 cup (40oz) coffee maker, you would need to use 80 grams (about 3oz) of coffee.
  • Grind coffee on medium (drip) setting.
  • Add ground coffee to filter.
  • Start your drip coffee machine to begin brewing your coffee.
  • After your coffee has brewed, throw the grounds and filter into the compost, and enjoy your cup of coffee!

2 cups = 20 grams of coffee


4 cups = 40 grams of coffee


6 cups = 60 grams of coffee


8 cups = 80 grams of coffee